Whoomp! There it is. We're now in beta

Monday, Dec 12 2011 posted by delano

We received a tonne of feedback since our alpha launch last month along with tens of blog posts, hundreds of tweets, and thousands of unique visitors. We even got a retweet from TV's Drew Carey (my grandmother, who's been watching Price is Right since the 70s, got a kick out of that one). We considered all the feedback, made a bunch of improvements, and today we're announcing our beta.

Key improvements

  • User accounts and paid plans
  • Secrets can now live for up to 90 days
  • A feedback form at the bottom of every page
  • A bunch of infrastructure improvements
  • Many UI improvements

Go ahead and create an account!

A few numbers

We had about 30,000 uniques in November and about 7,000 so far in December. All told we've delivered about 15,000 secrets.

November 2011

There were over 10,000 uniques the day we launched which dwarfs the rest of the month. The little bump the second week was from a tweet from Maria Popova which had around 116k followers. The rest of the month hovers around 200-500 uniques per day.

December 2011 (so far)

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